Relative Difficulty of Freehand Simulation of Four Proportional Elements in Arabic Signatures

Fuente: JOURNAL OF ASQDE ENERO 2010 Volume 12, Number 2
Fecha: 01/01/2010

Abdulaziz Al-Musa Alkahtani and Andrew W. G. Platt


This article compares the success with which 901 Arabic writers were able to simulate 4 proportional elements—size, slant, baseline, and spacing—in 2 Arabic signatures. Significant differences in ease of simulation were found among all 4 elements: slant was signifi­cantly more successfully simulated than the other 3; baseline was significantly more successfully simulated than spacing or size; and spacing was significantly more successfully simulated than size. The order of ease of simulation was found to be slant > baseline > spacing > size. This similarity between Arabic and Roman script data raises the possibility that slant and baseline, and possibly all 4 elements, might show similar relative rankings in other cursive scripts.

Leyas, investigaciones documentales
  • Aragón
  • Baleares
  • Cataluña
  • Galicia
  • La Rioja
  • Navarra
  • Pais Vasco

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